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Wireless connection setup problem (solved)

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Wireless connection setup problem (solved)

Postby Kia72 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:02 pm

First of all, I like to thank everyone who has given expert advice and
shared their experience in this forum. Without the effort of the
community, the return rate of these ipcam's would surely be much more
than the estimated 10-20%. This is because while Foscam's are pretty
robust non-professional grade cameras that are also fairly cost- effective,
the products have suffered from unclear documentation and problematic

As a first time user of an ipcam, specifically FI8918W, it was a way
more frustrating experience for me to setup the system than what is
described in the user manual and online FAQ's. I spent about 3 hours
getting it to work with my system while reading and learning from other
users' comments. One of the most enlightening comments is from user
"eyeinthesky" re. MAC filtering: ... html#p3664

For a device designed with "security" tasks in mind, FI8918W simply does not "gel"
too well with Wi-Fi security protocols. After extensive testing of the various
methods suggested by other users, I have found that the following steps
work unfailingly for my setup:


Linksys WRT610N
Setup > Basic Setup
DHCP Server Enabled

Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings
Network Mode (2.4 GHz)
Standard Channel Auto
SSID Broadcast Disabled

Wireless > Wireless MAC Filter
Permit PCs listed below access to the wireless network


1. Enable SSID broadcast in router (not absolutely required but helps
the ipcam to find the router more quickly).

2. Disable Wireless MAC Filter in router. Please remember to Save the
new settings. I got burned a few times forgetting to do this, especially
when I was tired and very frustrated.

3. At the Basic Setup of the router, next to DHCP Server Enabled -> DHCP
Reservation: assign a static ip to the ipcam.

4. Connect ethernet cable from ipcam to router and login the camera as
described in the manual.

5. Wireless Lan Settings in Foscam. Either press Scan button to copy and
paste your router info or type the SSID manually. Pick the correct type
of Encryption for your router from the pulldown list instead of the one
automatically populated in the field. Enter the share key manually.

6. Unplug the ethernet cable. I did not find the timing, 10 seconds or
whatever, made any difference in success rate. In fact, I did most of
the subsequent testing of the settings via a wireless connection between
the camera and the router. The only thing that seems to be important is
to allow the ipcam to reboot itself after any change in setting, if it
has not done so automatically. I do so by disconnecting and re-
connecting the power plug. Wait about 30 seconds for the reboot to
finish. Usually there would be a 10 - 20 seconds delay after the ipcam finishes
its "looking around" for me to successfully PING it from my computer. So
patience please. After the ipcam is verified to work at the browser, we
may do the following:

1. Enable Wireless MAC Filter in router. Check Wireless Client List and
Add the MAC of the ipcam to the List(to ensure no discrepancy and the
label on the bottom the cam.). If you don't see the ipcam MAC on the
client list, something has gone wrong in the setup. Sometimes, one may
need to Refresh the List. Finally, it's prudent to REBOOT the IPCam
after any settings change in the router or in the ipcam setting and wait
for it to find the router. Verify the connection by PINGing the ipcam.

2. Diable SSID Broadcast. However, I noticed significant deterioration
in PING time for my setup if SSID is hidden (100-200 ms vs 3-10 ms
visible). I wonder if it's a firmware issue.

Hopefully, this will save some people with similar setup like mine from
excruciating agony when setting up a Foscam.
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