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Important Message from Foscam Digital Technologies Regarding CANADA Sales & Service

We, (aka Foscam Digital Technologies and now Amcrest Technologies), are an independent United States based distributor of "Foscam" branded products. We have been offering telephone support, Canadian local warranty services, and building the Foscam brand in Canada for the past 7 years. However, we are deeply saddened to report that, even after all of this, our overseas suppliers have decided to undercut us and supply to our major customers directly. For this reason, we have no choice but to suspend telephone support for all Foscam branded products. If you have purchased a Foscam camera directly from us or from one of our authorized retailers, technical support is still available via email at


For customers who have not purchased from us directly, we advise you to please contact Foscam Shenzhen or the distributor which you have purchased from. In the meantime, we have launched our own new brand of IP cameras called Amcrest, which has superior quality products and full telephone technical support 7 days per week. We hope you can support us in our new venture. For more information, please visit www.Amcrest.CA.

Foscam Digital Technologies LLC Standard RMA Terms and Conditions



  1. Most products can be returned for either a refund or for a replacement of the same item. Refunds are subject to a 10% restocking fee and must be requested within 30 days of receiving the item. An item is not eligible for return after these 30 days. The restocking fee is ultimately deducted from the refund amount. We charge this 10% restocking fee for all returns to encourage customers to purchase products they intend to keep. This fee covers the cost of shipping the product to the customer. In addition, it covers the time and resources spent on repackaging, repairing, and refurbishing these returned items to make available for replacements. If the item is defective and a customer would like to return the product, Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will waive the restocking fee for a full refund minus shipping costs.

    To request an RMA, please follow the below procedure:

    - Contact our customer service team at or You can also contact us by using the contact form listed on our website by clicking here.
    - Please allow 24 - 48 hours for one of our customer service representatives to provide you a return authorization. You will be sent documentation to fill out and send back along with the products being returned.
    - Once the product is returned to our warehouse, please contact our returns department with the tracking information to confirm that the item has been received. Please also provide them with your RMA Number or ASN Number to confirm that the item has been received at the warehouse. They will then request any additional information if needed such as your current shipping address. If possible, also provide the RMA Department with a copy of your shipping receipt as well.
    - Generally, your refund or replacement will be processed between 3 - 5 business days after receipt of the product to our returns department.
    - Note that it may take anywhere from 2 - 3 business days for a refund to post to your specific credit card processor.

  3. Note that if an item needs to be replaced from a third party seller such as Amazon, the seller's policies apply. For example if purchased from Amazon Canada, the reseller has to be “Foscam CA” in order to eligible as a replacement. For Amazon UK, the reseller has to be “Foscam Digital Technologies LLC UK” to be eligible as a replacement.  Any purchase from other resellers will have to be replaced through their respected resellers. If a replacement is needed after the seller's RMA period (usually 30 days), customers will need to ship the item back and also provide payment for shipping the replacement item back.
  4. For replacements, the customer is responsible for paying shipment charges when returning the product to Foscam Digital Technologies LLC. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will pay for shipment of the replaced items back to the customer. After three months from the purchase date, the customer must also pay the cost of shipping the item back to them. If an item is dead on arrival (DOA) and is not powering up or operating correctly, the customer may replace the faulty item for a replacement item within 30 days and have shipping charges reimbursed from the original payment of the order.

  5. For accessories (items other than the camera), there is a warranty period of 6 months from the date of purchase. If an accessory is broken within 30 days of the purchase, Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will ship another accessory to the customer at no charge. After 30 days from the purchase date we do require a replacement fee to be charged when shipping a replacement accessory. After 6 months from the purchase date, accessories are no longer under the warranty coverage and cannot be replaced. Accessories qualify as items such as power supplies, wifi antennas, mounting brackets, etc.

  6. All RMA returned items must be sent via traceable means. Examples would be Canada Post (Foscam Canada) or Royal Mail (Foscam UK). Be sure to retain the tracking information for your records. The customer is responsible for the product until it is received by Foscam Digital Technologies LLC. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC is liable for the returned item upon the receipt of shipment. RMA turnaround time is within two (2) weeks (10 business days) after receipt of returned items. The replacement item(s) will be ready for return shipment by this time.

  7. All items returned under an RMA will be repaired, or at Foscam Digital Technologies LLC’s discretion, replaced with either new or factory refurbished parts. If a returned product is determined to be damaged or misused, it will be left to the discretion of Foscam Digital Technologies LLC to determine if the product is replaceable. Accidental damage or misused products will not be repaired or replaced under the product warranty. If a product is functioning properly once received and processed through our RMA procedures, the item may be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

  8. International orders outside of the UK and Canada undergo a separate RMA process. Shipping both ways for international orders will be the responsibility of the customer requesting an RMA. Standard shipping for replacement units to be shipped outside of the US will be $45.00. If a product is returned from an international customer to Foscam Digital Technologies LLC’s USA address, customers are responsible for customs charges including, but not limited to, brokerage, taxes, duties, and other fees.

  9. Replacements are processed upon product availability. Products cannot be exchanged for different products once an RMA has been processed or received UNLESS the item being replaced is backordered or unavailable. A similar product can be sent to the customer that is equal to or lesser than the original amount of the purchase.

  10. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will not accept any packages without an open, valid RMA number appearing on at least the shipping label or the outside surface of the box/packaging. Only the specific items listed on the RMA will be accepted. All other items will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. After return shipment of a repaired/replacement part to the customer, Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will close the RMA.

  11. Normal wear, abrasion, misuse, alteration, abuse, or taking apart of the product are not covered under warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, accidents, prolonged UV exposure, or the natural breakdown of certain materials over long periods of time. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC at times may offer to repair or replace a product categorized under misuse for a $45.00 fee if the product is still under the warranty period.

  12. Foscam Digital Technologies LLC shall NOT be liable under ANY circumstances for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost data.